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Proofreading Services

No project is too big or too small! We will proofread anything you need – from emails and social media posts to essays to research papers and business proposals to manuscripts, we cover it all! We will also work with you and follow your lead to match your voice.

Academic/Student Documents

$20.00 per 1000 words

Calling all students! Essays, research papers, dissertations, graduate school applications, and anything related to school and academia.


Creative/Personal/General Documents

$25.00 per 1000 words

Novels, manuscripts, social media posts, blogs, personal correspondence, transcripts, articles, website content, and more – a proofreading catch-all.


Professional/Business Documents

$30.00 per 1000 words

Résumés, cover letters, job postings, business reports and proposals, and everything else related to your work and business needs.


Technical Documents

$35.00 per 1000 words

Any and all documents that may require a little bit of extra care – think medical journals, scientific reports, and anything else with a lot of technical jargon.

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